Putting The Global Supply Chain on the Blockchain

Loadpipe learned a lot during a beta phase in early 2020 and one of the biggest lessons was there needs to be more transparency in the post-sale transactions!

There was a ton of requests to view the transactions, check the status of the transaction, and be able to verify if the transaction was truly complete.

  • Did the QC happen?

  • What was the result of the QC on that order?

  • Did the products ship?

  • What is the shipping status of the order?

  • Did it arrive?

The list goes on and on.

And instead of using a traditional database - as the Loadpipe team was reviewing its beta feedback and orders - they learned about a new technology called Handshake (HNS) - which taking the internet and decentralizing it on the blockchain.

So Loadpipe is jumping on this opportunity to take its experience in the beta, with the community, and bring the next version on this Handshake and blockchain ecosystem.

So How Will It Work?

While this is still very early stage - this is the idea - users will have their own domain on the blockchain, and the the transactions done will be recorded as pages on that site.

Loadpipe has these domain extensions: 

.loadpipe, .3pl, .qc, .bpo, .工厂


1. Loadpipe is where the order happens


So buyer users will have yourname.loadpipe. And this is where they can have their own profile, show their orders, transactions, history, feedback and more.

2. QC is the quality control process


This stage is important and what Loadpipe wants to make sure happens - QC! If the product is not up to specification - it just doesn’t happen. So QC companies and inspectors will have their own domain on .qc domain extension. All the QC transactions that they do will be recorded under their domain on the blockchain.

3. 3PL is the shipping and logistics Process


This stage is what happens once the shipment leaves the factory up until it arrives. There can be more than 1 3pl involved in the order, but any type of transaction or service that involves the 3pl process will be recorded on the 3pl blockchain.

4. BPO is for any outsourcing agencies


This is for those sellers who need to have an agency help them out. From customer service to marketing - essentially this is a BPO service. Those service providers who provider outsourcing services for the sellers will have their own domain on this bpo domain extension and transactions will be recorded on the blockchain.

5. Chinese factories will have .工厂


We want to have the Chinese factories able to read and view their orders - in their native language. Orders will be recorded and stored on the blockchain for verification.

Still in Early Stage

It is About Supply Chain Community

At the core, this is about community, and Loadpipe really enjoyed the beta phase - albeit stressful with the `ppe craze - but it did it job and we learned the pains and requirements in the community.

Clear transactions, real time reporting, and trust of the transactions. We are excited to build the next stage of Loadpipe together.